Physics on Surface

While the ScatterView has some interesting effects that somewhat resemble the way things work in real life its missing a pretty big feature: you can’t bang stuff into each other! So I decided to solve that problem by wiring up a real physics engine to a Surface app. I used the WPF version of the … Continue reading Physics on Surface


Testing Surface Applications with the Surface Simulator

The Surface SDK comes with an awesome tool that is called the Surface Simulator. This tool allows you to test your applications that have been built with the Surface SDK. It even simulators multiple contact points when you plug multiple USB mice into your computer! Sweet! Right? Well, yes and no. After opening the Surface … Continue reading Testing Surface Applications with the Surface Simulator

Is Surface Ready for the Workplace?

Surface Computing, unlike Desktop and Mobile, enables a new breed of user experiences. Social experiences. With a Surface Computer we can sit down, face-to-face, explore and analyze information to solve our business problems without the latency of electronic communication. For decades our business processes have revolved around the limitations of computers and naturally our work … Continue reading Is Surface Ready for the Workplace?