Building a SmartThings Automation

I’ve been digging into the SmartThings Automation platform a bit. Admittedly, I’m fumbling around a bit. 😊 According to the definitions in the documentation, I think I want to build a WebHook automation. As per the documentation, one should consider an “when the end-user configures the Automation to monitor an open/close sensor, the Automation subscribes … Continue reading Building a SmartThings Automation


SmartThings Battery Replacement Cheat Sheet

I’m a heavy SmartThings user. Sometimes it can be pretty tricky knowing what batteries I need when I get notifications from different sensors telling me that they are running low and need a replacement. Battery Cheat Sheet: SmartThings Multi-Purpose Sensor Doors / Windows / Garage Doors 2450 SmartThings Water Leak Sensor Sinks / Appliances / … Continue reading SmartThings Battery Replacement Cheat Sheet

Planning a Home Automation System using SmartThings

I recently helped my Aunt and Uncle in California to plan a home automation / home security system using SmartThings and Arlo. In order to get the system setup they needed to make some upgrades to their home network. Their objectives were the following: Add better security to their detached garage Prevent packages from being … Continue reading Planning a Home Automation System using SmartThings