Terraform Code Review: Multi-Tenant App Service Part 3

Part 3 of my epic code review / refactor of this Azure App Service solution. In this third episode we’ll start refactoring this solution based on our code review. We’ll start with the shared infrastructure and the naming conventions and move on from there. Way more to come in this epic code refactoring session! https://youtu.be/WKFHb-iAH6w


Revisiting Unify Dream Machine Pro & Azure Site-to-Site

I received a question on GitHub regarding an old post / repository that setup Site-to-Site Connectivity between my Home Network (running Unify Dream Machine Pro) and Azure. I decided to do more troubleshooting and add some creature comforts to the Terraform solution to help diagnose any issues that arise. I added the following things: Log … Continue reading Revisiting Unify Dream Machine Pro & Azure Site-to-Site