Terraform on Alibaba Cloud

So let’s get a basic instance stood up on Alibaba Cloud. It’s surprisingly easy and parallels how its done on AWS. I’ve published my source code on GitHub so you can get started quickly just by pulling the code. You may want to check out my other post on getting started with Alibaba Cloud. Provider … Continue reading Terraform on Alibaba Cloud


Using Custom Dimensions in Application Insights Analytics

Application Insights provides a powerful and easy to use solution for application monitoring. Both for server-side components and client-side components as well. Application Insights captures a plethora of information about clients by default but you can also add custom fields (also referred to as custom dimensions). When the information gets logged it gets associated with … Continue reading Using Custom Dimensions in Application Insights Analytics

Switching from “Azure” to “AzureRM” Terraform Backend

Terraform no longer supports “azure” as a backend. So if you have a backend configuration that makes reference to the “azure” backend provider you will get the following warning: All you need to do is change the following property in your backend configuration file: To the following: Nothing else has to change. Just re-initialize your … Continue reading Switching from “Azure” to “AzureRM” Terraform Backend

Publish NuGet Package using VSTS Build Pipeline

Generating a nugget package during build is as simple as the following steps: Define the NuGet Specification Pack the NuGet Package Push the NuGet Package to your repository Now the implementation gets a bit tricky. Define the specification You will need to ensure that nuget.exe is in your path. It’s as simple as creating a … Continue reading Publish NuGet Package using VSTS Build Pipeline

OpsWorks + Windows: Alternate user identity execute support

A common scenario when configuring an environment is that certain elements of the scripts may need to be executed using a specific user’s credentials. If you’ve looked at the documentation for the various means of execution within Chef you might have noticed the “user”, “domain” and “password” parameters. The “powershell_script” action is particularly useful when … Continue reading OpsWorks + Windows: Alternate user identity execute support

Git + OpsWorks: Getting Organized

In OpsWorks, each "Layer" can be linked to its own repository. You can also specify a branch of your choosing. The terminology mapping between AWS, Git and Application Architecture can sometimes be a bit confusing and can lead to mal-configured OpsWorks stacks which can subsequently lead to OpsWorks being used inappropriately due to perceived technical … Continue reading Git + OpsWorks: Getting Organized