Plex Server Setup – Part II: Making a Filesystem

After the clean install of ubuntu, I only had a 4GB OS partition setup for me. This partition lived on a single physical volume (PV), volume group (VG) and logical volume (LV). These are important concepts to understand Linux filesystem structures.

The first step in expanding my storage is to create a separate logical volume within my volume group. Create the logical volume and verify its creation.

After the logical volume is created, you need to make a filesystem.

A filesystem needs to be mounted to a particular path. Therefore you need to create a mount point.

I created a new folder in the root folder “/” called “/data” and mounted the filesystem to that directory.

After the filesystem is mounted you will see it when you check your disk usage and can easily verify the filesystem has mounted correctly. Notice my 3.6TB volume with 1% usage. Now I am ready to start installing PLEX.


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