New Office Gear: Headphones Wall Mount

Being a frequent traveler and somebody who spends a lot of time in his home office, I own a lot of head phones. When I’m on the road, I usually sport a pair of ear buds to take calls, a pair for running on the treadmill, and a pair of noise cancelling for on the plane. On the road, efficiency, size are the most important factors. Not to mention cost, as I seem to find a wide variety of ways to destroy and lose devices I carry with me.

However, at home, where size is not a factor, I can really spread out and pamper myself. The only concern I have to deal with is clutter. That’s why I’ve been in the market for a set of wall hooks, so I can hang my often used cans on the wall instead of cluttering up my desk or my office drawers.

I finally found a winner. The Felidio Natural Wooden Wall Hooks look great and are sturdy enough to handle even my larger sets. I mounted them at arms length from my desk so I could easily grab my favorite pair whenever the moment arises. You can see my JBL E55BT Quincy Jones Special Edition (right) and even my beastly AKG Quincy Jones N90Q (left) fit comfortably.


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