AKG N5005 Unboxing

I finally got my long awaited pair of AKG N5005 in the mail today and WOW are they amazing.

The packaging was impeccable.

Inside the sliding box trays there is an actual box with a lid.

Once you pull the lid you are met with the traveling case, the buds themselves (I removed them so they are absent from the above picture), and the four boosters.

There are four boosters that come with the set that allow you to customize the sound you’ll receive:

  1. Bass Boost
  2. Reference Sound
  3. Mid-High Boost
  4. High Boost

One of the coolest features of these earbuds is that the input mechanism is completely modular. Each of the three input adapters are modular. You receive, 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and Bluetooth. Unfortunately, there is no Apple Thunderbolt adapter so you’ll still need the 3.5mm adapter from Apple or use the Bluetooth adapter to connect to your iPhone.

As you can see the above Bluetooth input adapter has two ear bud connectors that are unattached. They are color coded red and blue.

You’ll find the red / blue color coating on the actual ear buds. Here you can see them attached to the 3.5mm input adapter.

Overall, I’m super excited to try out my new headphones when on the road. I’ll probably be swapping out the Reference Sound boosters for the High Boosters as I listen to a lot of classical music featuring Violin and Cello voices prominently.


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