Updating Service Fabric version for an Actor: Step by Step

ONE. Upgrade Actor Projects to .NET Core 2.1

TWO. Update Remoting Provider Decorator

[assembly: FabricTransportActorRemotingProvider(RemotingListenerVersion = RemotingListenerVersion.V2, RemotingClientVersion = RemotingClientVersion.V2)]

THREE. Remove all references from Tests Project

First remove all references to dependent projects (Actor, Actor.Interfaces, Actor.Mocks, Actor.Model).

Second open the Package Manager console and run the following commands:

Uninstall-Package Microsoft.ServiceFabric

Uninstall-Package Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services

Uninstall-Package Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Remoting

Uninstall-Package Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Data

Uninstall-Package Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Actors

Uninstall-Package ServiceFabric.Mocks

FOUR. Add Runtime Framework Version to Tests.csproj

Edit the Tests.csproj file by right clicking and hitting “Edit”. This will open the project file in a text editor where you can add the following node:


To the PropertyGroup in the file as can be seen here:

FIVE. Update Test Framework

From the Package Manager console run the following commands:

Update-Package Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk

Update-Package xunit

Update-Package xunit.runner.visualstudio

SIX. Add back the references

First, add all the project references back.

Second, open package manager console and run the following command:

Install-Package Microsoft.ServiceFabric

Install-Package Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services

Install-Package Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Remoting

Install-Package Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Data

Install-Package Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Actors

Install-Package ServiceFabric.Mocks

SEVEN. Rebuild

All is well in the world!


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