How to fix a corrupt JSPM install

I was installing jspm on a web project recently. This environment was on a virtual machine so it was a bit slow and resulted in some time outs during package lookup and download.

I ran the following commands to increase the lookup / download time out duration. I have to admit I got a little impatient so I hit the old CTRL-C to terminate the “jspm install” command so that these configuration updates would take affect.

It was all working swimmingly until I adjusted the GitHub timeouts. The next time I ran “jspm install”, I started getting an error saying “Error locating GitHub:floatdrop/plugin-jsx”. “jspm init” didn’t work and gave me a different error “Error downloading loader files”.

I was banging my head against it for a while until I found this on the google where someone was discussing how they resolved the issue on Linux by deleting their jspm config file.

All I had to do was delete the “.jspm” folder that is housed within the “%USERPROFILE%AppDataLocal” folder.


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