Blob Storage Explorer v1.1.2.0 Published to Windows Store

I published a new release of my Blob Storage Explorer app for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). I’ve also decided to check the Xbox One check box to allow the few (and the proud) that would use the app from an Xbox One 😊.

The new version is a minor update but has a few new features.

Downloads happen in the Background

This is probably the biggest update that took the most work. It only works with containers that have their access level set to public or public blob. I have to come up with another solution for private access level.

In Progress Downloads can be cancelled

I keep a dictionary of Cancellation Tokens and will now cancel your active transfer if you so choose.

Easy Copy of Blob Absolute URL

This is a small feature that I used a lot just from an ops/management perspective. The button when clicked will put the absolute path to the blob on the clipboard.

Visual Indicator of Storage Account Connectivity Status

Again, more of a small bit of spit and polish. This displays green if we are able to connect to your storage account using the credentials you’ve provided and red if not. Also the icon will change from a connected network drive to a disconnected one.

Go check it out and let me know what you think!


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