HoloLens Xbox Streaming using the Xbox App (Beta)

I paired an Xbox Wireless Controller (Bluetooth) and decided to try Xbox streaming from my HoloLens. I had some networking issues but other than that it worked relatively smoothly.

I was playing one of my favorite Xbox One games, Star Wars Battlefront, on the Death Star DLC. The Xbox app was reporting a weak network connection and I was experiencing quite a bit of chop while playing.

As I said in the video, my Xbox One is connected to my local network via 1GBps Ethernet and I have fiber optical internet access through AT&T U-verse so I know that the chop wasn’t from those aspects of my network.

However, I’m not sure if the chop was specific to the fact that I was using the HoloLens or just the Wi-Fi. Anytime I have streamed Xbox in the past, I’ve also done it from a desktop computer that was also connected via 1GBps Ethernet.


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