Holograms App @ United Club

I place a holographic tiger on the floor of the United Club @ EWR and make some observations about the experience.

Sure, the Holograms app is more of a toy than anything else. Microsoft released to as a way to allow people to experience Mixed Reality by placing static and moving holograms within their reality.

That being said, I think a more robust application like this could be extremely useful in the future, when wearable Holographic computers like the HoloLens are commonplace.

For one, I can foresee a future when these wearable computing devices will enable us to decorate our homes. Instead of heading into Pier1 or World Market to pick up novelty décor items, we can launch a hologram marketplace app and browse thousands of holograms that we can place inside our homes or offices to ‘spruce things up’.

The movie Equilibrium shows a dystopian future where the en vogue décor of the day is a mash of neo-soviet and classic roman but maybe in this futuristic reality everybody is just wearing holographic computing contact lenses and what the audience sees is very different than what each character sees in the world. 🙂



What do you think? Do you think people will replace physical decorations for holographic ones (assuming the technology becomes as ubiquitous as mobile phones are today)?


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