Blob Storage Explorer for Windows 10 Released

Download from the Windows Store here.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and build a Windows 10 native app for Azure Blob Storage Management. It’s very, very simple. I plan to keep it that way but add more features to it. I don’t plan on this thing being able to do advanced operations like folder download or synchronization like CloudBerry’s Win32 app does. I just wanted something simple that was built using UWP that could hit some of the most common tasks that I do with my Blob storage accounts.

I’m using the Hamburger control from the UWP Community Toolkit. I’ve grown quite fond of it.

Here’s what the containers look like within a storage account. I’m using a stop light color indicator for the security access level applied on the container. The legend is as follows:

· Green: Public Container

· Yellow: Public Blob

· Red: Off (Completely Private)


I have enabled Download / Upload but with a HUGE caveat. The implementation is not using Background Tasks at the moment so if it’s a long upload / download you might encounter problems. I definitely plan on fixing this as my next major feature update. I’ve been wanting to figure out Background Tasks for a while now. The sad part is, UWP has these awesome Background File Downloader and Background File Uploader components but I can’t use them because they need the file source / target to be anonymously accessible. I am unable to pipe in my own byte stream ☹ which would make this super elegant IMHO.


Anyways, go download it, try it out, and tell me what you think! If you’d like to contribute to the open source project you can find it here.


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