AT&T M2X IoT Starter Kit

I was really excited about the new IoT Starter Kit announced by AT&T. It offers some great hardware and the chance of enabling some new mobile scenarios for IoT. I have been frustrated by my Raspberry Pi’s reliance on a Wi-Fi connection, this new rig will include a developer data plan with AT&T. It won’t come with a ton of data but it will be enough to get started and do something interesting! I purchased the kit that includes hardware and the SIM.

It comes with the following:


· 300MB of Data for use over 6 months *

· 300 SMS for use over 6 months **

· Domestic AT&T US and AT&T Mexico, no roaming

· Avnet Cellular Shield

· NXP MCU Board

· Two Pulse LTE antennas

· Two MicroUSB Cables

· 5V Power Supply

· Quick Start Card

If only we could get some reliable battery packs, then we could get into some really untethered action!

My only knock on AT&T is that I ordered the kit on September 8th and have received no communication regarding expected shipment date. It kind of feels like they took my money and ran out the door.


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