Continuous Integration with Azure API Apps + VSO

I recently setup continuous integration from my Visual Studio Online to my Azure API App. It was a little tricky but it works.

So I did the usual lot and setup Gated Check-in.

Used the standard template for continuous deployment…

Then the fun begins…

Originally, the Windows Azure Deployment environment was blank. I clicked the “…” button to open the following dialog:

Deployment settings name: Totally made up. You can put whatever you want in there. I was not creative in my naming.

Windows Azure Subscription: I clicked the link to “download subscription file”. Then I clicked import and loaded it. This is a SUBSCRIPTION file. NOT to be confused with an Azure Website (now Azure Web App) publish profile settings file.

Web site name + Webspace:

Definitely NOT creative writing. No matter that they are essentially blank text boxes with ZERO validation! I pulled these by going over to and finding my API App in question. Note the highlighted properties “name” and “webSpace”. Yes, it’s really that simple folks.

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