GameFabric Update

As many of my frequent readers may already know, my nights and weekends are filled with work on a platform I have dubbed GameFabric. Windows Azure powered multi-player gaming platform with client accelerators currently for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

I knee deep in a major optimization of the platform. In version 1.2 I plan to add a ton of bug fixes and new features. I am planning a joint release of my first game built with the platform Euchre with Friends.

I am making an overhaul to the Euchre client and server components to take advantage of the platform changes. Right now I am currently ironing out the bugs using the new ‘Watch’ feature which allows me to observe 4 computer players play a game.

This has prompted me to add some features to my administrative web site that I use to manage the production version of both GameFabric and each game. Previously, I only gave myself read-only access to key entities like Game Sessions, Users, etc. But I have seen the need to add key commands to the web site that allow me to spawn new simulated games (all computer players), start games that have otherwise been paused due to bugs in the Game Worker, and delete sessions outright.

All these features I plan on eventually including in a command center for game developers who use my platform to help them manage and test their games.


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