ADFS Setup Troubleshooting

Go through the ‘Add STS Reference’ process.

1. Service Certificate Location

Make sure you remove the defaults that the ASP.NET MVC 3 project put into your web.config on the <certificateReference> element. StoreLocation and StoreName must be removed. Otherwise you get the following error.

Your <serviceCertificate> element (full path is “/microsoft.identityModel/service”) should be changed from this:

   <certificateReference x509FindType="FindByThumbprint" findValue="*****THUMBPRINT*****" storeLocation="LocalMachine" storeName="My" />


…to this:

  <certificateReference x509FindType="FindByThumbprint" findValue="*****THUMBPRINT*****"/>

2. Validate Request

Make sure that you add an <httpRuntime> element and set the request validation mode with a value of “2.0”.



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