Error Attaching the debugger in Windows Azure SDK 1.6

Working on a PivotViewer mini-project for a political initiative I am involved in and I ran into this silly dev environment error.

I found this brilliant post. I looked through all the Options that Dhananjay listed and eliminated 1, 2, and 4 as possibilities. I have been around enough to know that Microsoft’s SDKs have their fair share of quirks. You know, wiggle-the-key-punch-the-dash-box-and-the-car-magically-starts kind of quirks.

This is one of them. At least it was for me. I changed the target framework to v3.5. Recompiled. It failed (as expected due to some dependencies on other projects that were compiled under v4.0). Changed it back to v4.0 and recompiled. Eureka!

Thanks Dhananjay!


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