Columbus Dogfood Conference

Please join us for the 2nd Annual Dog Food Conference; sponsored by the partner community.  We will have MS speakers, MS partners, ISVs, MS MVPs and community leads presenting over 40 topics.   Around half of the speakers are community leads; and half are MS specialists. As seating is limited, we encourage you to knowledge share … Continue reading Columbus Dogfood Conference


How does RIA stack up against its competitors?

I recently started thinking about quality factors that one might use to measure a user interface in order to compare what’s possible technology platforms. UI Quality Factors: Richness Efficiency Cost Usability Flexibility Scalability Applications with Generated UIs Example: MOSS, Cognos, Pega etc. Pros: Cost Cons: Richness, Flexibility, Scalability, Usability, Efficiency Traditional Web Applications Example: ASP.NET, … Continue reading How does RIA stack up against its competitors?