RE: Microsoft screwing themselves while they try to screw Google

The Google fan boys are out in force this month! This article, written by Garett Rogers, minimizes the success of the Bing launch and basically chalks up competition in the search space as a futile effort. The author cites this article as proof that Bing has only increased a very small amount. The article by Nick Eaton is actually complimentary of Bing as the data demonstrates positive market share trending for Bing. However, I think Nick took a lot of flak from the Google fan boys due to the way he represented the data. Nick used the chart below:


As you can see, this chart shows the past seven months of search market share. All the lines look pretty flat with Bing trending slightly higher with Google and the rest pretty much flat lining. One of the responses to Nick’s article, posted by unregistered user was:

A better title for this article: “Barely perceptible growth in Bing market share for January to July” or how about “Google market share growth outpaces Bing by 400 percent for January to July”
The headline you chose vastly amplifies the effect of very unstable monthly values in a larger, mostly flat trend.

– Unregistered User

This unregistered user’s comments essentially echo the them of Mr. Roger’s article. Mr. Unregistered User actually twists the facts to make it sound pretty bad for Bing. The fact is Microsoft Live was loosing market share pretty badly until Bing came around.


Bing was launched June 1st and in that time period their market share has shot up nearly 12%.


January through May Google was trending very strong, they had a freight train of market share growth but all of a sudden their consistent trend line of growth takes a nose dive and flattens out, then even trends downward in July! To say that Bing hasn’t changed the game would be ignoring the facts. But that has grown to be what I have come to expect from Google fan boys.


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