Merged Dictionaries Not Working in Silverlight 3 RTM?

So a big pain point for me is that all my resource dictionaries stopped working with the move to RTM. What boggles my mind is that I had it working in Silverlight Beta 1 but now it stopped working.

I just want to reference a resource dictionary in a referenced assembly.

Assembly name: ResourceTest.Content

Resource Dictionary Path: ./Dictionary2.xaml

This was working on SL3 Beta 1:

<ResourceDictionary Source="ResourceTest.Content;component/Dictionary2.xaml" />

I tried this in Blend 3+Sketchflow and this works (at design time):

<ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/ResourceTest.Content;component/Dictionary2.xaml" />

But, either way, when I run from Visual Studio, I get the following error:

Attribute ResourceTest.Content;component/Dictionary2.xaml value is out of range. [Line: 10 Position: 44]

Attribute pack://application:,,,/ResourceTest.Content;component/Dictionary2.xaml value is out of range. [Line: 11 Position: 44]


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